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ThetaHealing® Базовый курс

З-дневный курс

This 2-day course is answering the question most commonly asked by ThetaHealing practitioners: “How do I know if the answer is from the Creator?”

If you have doubts about the source of answers you receive during meditation, this seminar is for you.

This class will help you to better understand yourself and to recognize different parts of your mind: the Survival Self, the Undercurrent (Shadow Self) or the Higher Self. They all work for your benefits, but sometimes in a very surprising way.

You and the Creator course will teach you discernment between those different aspects of your mind, so you will always know what level of your subconscious mind is giving you an answer.

Remember the Creator is the energy of pure Loving Intelligence in every atom inside you and in everything around you. After this course you will be able to feel this energy and know the difference between communicating with the energy of the Creator and communicating with your Ego or Higher Self.

During this 2-day course you will learn:

  • Four aspects of your Subconscious mind on the Core level, the Genetic level, the History level and the Soul level,

  • How these aspects of your Subconscious mind work and sound.

  • Distinguish the difference between voices of the Higher Self and the Creator.

  • New simple way to do digging for any problem.

  • What is blocking you from receiving answers from the Creator.

  • How forgiveness can help you to hear the Creator.

  • How to reset your mind in order to see clearly the past and the future.

  • The difference between answers coming from different planes of Existence: the Fourth Plane, the Fifth Plane, the Sixth Plane and the Seventh Plane.

  • How to appreciate the wisdom of each plane of Existence, but receive the highest truth from the Creator.

Даты и место: смотрите Расписание курсов для актуальной информации по датам Базового Курса

Стоимость:  $550, включая депозит для регистрации $150. Депозит должен быть внесён не позднее, чем за 2 недели до начала курса.

Обратите внимание, что депозит невозвратный, не зачисляется на другие курсы и консультации.

Повторное прохождение:

Если вы уже проходили Базовый курс и у вас имеется действующий сертификат, вы можете пройти курс за $250.

Внимание! Для курсов проходящих на территории России действуют другие цены. Стоимость Базового курса от 19800 руб. При прохождении одновременно Базового и Продвинутого курсов предоставляется стипендия. Для регистрации на курсы свяжитесь со мной через



Take You and the Creator Course online from the comfort of your own home. 


Meditation Class


Learn proper discernment about the source of answers: the Ego, the Higher Self, the Fifth Plane of Existence or the Creator.


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Basic, Advanced & Dig Deeper Online Courses – best value with special bonuses: private chat + 2 coaching sessions.


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