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What is Holistic Coaching?

Coaching is “disentangling” of a client from the situation he/she finds themselves in. The human brain is an amazingly powerful instrument, but our attention is still limited and selective. Naturally we tend to focus more on negative aspects and events, than positive ones. Sometimes we see only problems and miss opportunities. Whatever blind spots you might have, a coach helps you to discover them. Whatever confusion and challenges you are facing in your life, a coach will help you to find a solution.


When do we need Holistic Coaching?

  • When we feel stuck,

  • When we feel tired and apathetic (low energy),

  • When we feel lost, confused without clear understanding where to go,

  • When we feel small before big decisions we have to make,

  • In the life transitions (changing a job or a career, moving to another city or country, getting a new role of parent or spouse),

  • In the situations of high pressure,

  • Any time we need professional support.


Other common topics include:

  • I hate my job, but I don’t know what else I can do.

  • My passion doesn’t pay my living.

  • I want to change a career, but I don’t where to begin.

  • My relationships don’t work - is there something wrong with me?

  • I’m going through breakup, how to do it right?

  • I have a great job and wonderful family, but I’m not happy.

  • I am retired and I feel lost.

  • I’m a new mom and I’m going crazy.




How does holistic coaching work?

 1. Coaching starts from describing the current territory and point A - we need to understand where you are now: 

  • what kind of challenges you’re facing,

  • what areas of your life are affecting each other and in what way,

  • what gives you energy and what takes energy from you,

  • what’s your core values and priorities.


2. ​The next step is defining our goals, or point B - where you want to arrive. It might be a new career that integrates your experience and talents. It might be a new quality of relationships in your life. Whatever it is, we have to make sure that your goal is concrete and in alignment with your core values and principals. That it is something that is truly important to you. This is how we discover your inner power, your motivation, that which makes you unstoppable.

3. Starting our journey from point A to point B, we will do the assessment of your resources: your character strengths, your talents,  your skills, energy sources and allies. We also investigate your shadow: things you don’t know about yourself, but that might be in the way of your goals. Often this is the most exciting and beneficial experience/lesson you can imagine: time to get rid of limiting beliefs and misconceptions about yourself.  

4. We will create a detailed plan of achievable steps and I will be your support on this exciting and frightening journey. I will help you to gain new skills and build new habits that you might need on the way. Together we will find a way to win over resistance and procrastination. 


How long does it take?

Sometimes, even one first session might be so insightful, the client feels problems are solved. But usually, since coaching is working with changing behavior and aiming to improve life quality, changes don’t happen at once and take some time. Depending on the goal, about 2 - 3 months.  

Your better future, your happier and more fulfilled life is waiting for you right around the corner. I offer a complimentary 30 min session to get us started.

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