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ThetaHealing® World Relations Course

A 5-day course

ThetaHealing® World Relations class focuses on specific cultures and beliefs to trigger present and past issues with races, religions, and people. Once these belief issues come to light, the hidden hatreds and resentment that goes back centuries will be released. This will allow the participants to embrace and accept the people and cultures of the world with true unconditional love.


Day 1 & 2  are focused on the countries and nations of the world with an overview of their interrelations. The students will participate in hands-on belief work to find and release negative feelings and programs of other cultures and people around the world.


Day 3 is focused on the religions of the world, their beliefs, and the acceptance of them with true unconditional love.


Day 4 & 5 we are looking at the image of an inner enemy and test our beliefs towards different groups of people: politicians, doctors and lawyers, rich and poor people, powerful and arrogant people, women and men, alcoholics and drug addicts etc.


In this day and age the world has become a much smaller place. Cultures are much more able to come into contact due to plane travel and the information age. Because of this, we have a pressing need to understand and accept other cultures. 


Students that took the first World Relations seminar usually are very surprised at how many negative unconscious thoughts, feelings and emotions came to light in the Belief Work sessions. In many instances, these were genetic (ancestor) beliefs attached to fear, hatred and anger towards other countries, lands and their people that they never knew they had. The World Relations Course is a powerful tool for removing inner and outer conflict in yourself towards others.

During this 5-day course you will:

  • Clear generations of genetic and history level beliefs about other peoples, countries, languages and cultures.

  • Clear blocks relating to the major religions of the world.

  • Release cultural and society beliefs that have been in-grained in us over the centuries regarding race, culture and religion

  • Clear ancestral beliefs that have been passed down genetically through your family.

  • Free yourself from hidden prejudices and conflicts that may have unconsciously influenced your life experiences and your interactions with others – at work, socially, and in all areas of life.

  • Complete any unresolved issues that may be present for you from any countries that you have visited or lived in in this lifetime.

This seminar is 70% practical experience.

Seminar Includes: ThetaHealing World Relations Practitioners Manual.

Prerequisites: ThetaHealing Basic DNA, ThetaHealing Advanced DNA, and Dig Deeper.

Dates and locations: Check out the Course Calendar for World Relations dates and locations.

Certification: You will be certified as a ThetaHealing® World Relations Practitioner.

Full cost:  

- In person seminar: $1050.

- Online seminar: $950.


If you are a World Relations Graduate with a valid certificate,  you can retake this class at half the price.

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Take ThetaHealing® World Relations online from the comfort of your own home. 


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Embrace and accept different nations, religions and cultures of the world with true unconditional love.


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Basic, Advanced & Dig Deeper Online Courses – best value with special bonuses: private FB group and chat + 2 coaching sessions.


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