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Create Your Own Reality

Intro to ThetaHealing®

Dear friends,

join our meeting, where we will hold a joint meditation, opening the heart and bringing more love and abundance into your life.

Discover the amazing ease of transforming your life through changing self limiting beliefs with the ThetaHealing® technique.


  • Do you know that you can heal yourself and others?

  • Do you know that you are able to create abundance in your life, connecting with the Divine Source within you?


I invite you to use your intuitive abilities and resources. Together, we will channel healing energy from the Divine Source to transform self limiting beliefs in areas such as love, health, well-being.

If you have never tried Theta-meditation, come to find out how easy and simple it can be. You will feel a comfortable state of flow, harmony with the whole world. And soon you will notice the beneficial effect of meditation, which can manifest itself in greater clarity, inner peace, and tranquility.

Couple Meditating on the Beach


We’ll be practicing the ThetaHealing® Meditation which is the first step in the process to create a healing. You will have an opportunity to heal yourself on any challenge in your life. By learning to access the divine wisdom that is within you, you can receive answers to any questions.

I am, a certified ThetaHealing® Master instructor, will guide us through a meditation to open and balance the chakras, connect all participants to the energy of unconditional love and cleanse from old, heavy energy that no longer serves you.

Check out the  Seminar Schedule to find out the date and location of this event.

Ticket: In person - $20, online - free or donation.

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