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ThetaHealing® is a meditation technique for your mind, body, and spirit that allows you to clear away limiting beliefs, and create the life you dream about.

Through meditation and prayer, the ThetaHealing® Technique creates a positive mindset, where there is no right or wrong experience; rather, there are only learning experiences and opportunities to grow.


ThetaHealing® is a form of meditation aimed at activating vital energy through replacing beliefs and feelings and reloading learned lessons. It is a highly versatile energy healing and personal development modality that empowers people toward positive change.


A ThetaHealing® session is a powerful opportunity to change your life.

With the help of ThetaHealing® meditation, we can identify deeply-embedded, negative programs — many of which we aren’t even aware of — that create difficulties in our lives. Most people think that they control their lives, but the subconscious mind is full of surprises. Our life and behaviors are determined by beliefs and programs that are hidden in the subconscious mind. When we identify and change these programs, our reality also changes: we can heal diseases, improve relationships, create abundance, recognize our true nature.


The replacement of programs and beliefs made possible by ThetaHealing® takes place on 4 levels:

  • At the core level —  beliefs that were formed in childhood and adult life,

  • At the genetic level — beliefs that were passed on to us by ancestors,

  • At the historical level  — programs engendered by collective consciousness, experiences from past lives,

  • At the Soul level.


ThetaHealing® is a good fit for you if:

  • You take responsibility for your life.

  • You believe in God, the Creator or Universal Intelligence.

  • You recognize the role and importance of spiritual development.

  • You are ready to see the work of the Creator in your situation.

  • You want the help of Higher Forces in solving your situation, and are ready to accept it.

  • You believe in miracles, and are ready to let them into your life.

  • You believe that everything is energy, and believe in the possibility of healing energy.

People of all religions, and spiritual people who do not ascribe to an established religion are welcome here. I value all perspectives. ThetaHealing® commonly uses the term ‘Creator Of All That Is’ or ‘Creator,’ which encompasses: Energy Of All That Is, Universal Intelligence, Source, The Divine, Universal Love. This energy is all around us and within us. ThetaHealing® is not based on any particular religion. I appreciate and value everyone’s right to their own beliefs and spiritual practices. We can all access and use this amazing power to co-create our life experience.

If talking about God and the chakras isn’t for you, or if you regard spiritual matters as nonsense, please, check out Life Coaching and Lifespan Integration -- these are great therapies for non-believers and agnostics.

The list of issues that ThetaHealing might help with is truly unlimited:

  • Situations where you are confused and do not know what to do.

  • Situations where you are facing a big decision and can't decide what to do.

  • Difficulties in relationships (with parents, partners, children).

  • A broken heart, breaking up with a partner.

  • Attracting a Soulmate.

  • Exiting negative patterns (recurring unpleasant experiences).

  • Health issues, chronic diseases*.

  • Manifesting anything that you desire.

  • Financial problems and losses.

  • Creating abundance in your life.

  • Attracting customers and business partners in your life.

  • And many more.

How does ThetaHealing® work?​

Every session is personally structured to fit your needs and offer the best results for you. The only preparation you need carry out before your ThetaHealing® session is to be well-hydrated and ready to change your life.

On the first consultation we discuss your questions and goals. People opt to attend a ThetaHealing® session to address anything they are seeking to change in their lives: their physical health, emotional difficulties, grief, relationship issues, coping with relationships and work, readying themselves for challenges, spiritual growth, intuitive development, and healing trauma and abuse.

Then, during the session you should be sitting in a relaxed position with your eyes closed. This allows you to go into a theta brainwave meditative state, which facilitates the work through the subconscious mind where our core beliefs and feelings are held. During session we may replace limiting beliefs, download new feelings, and do physical healing, if it is needed.

Every ThetaHealing® practitioner works from the meditative theta brainwave and with Creator of All That Is to co-create the changes.

I do my best to create a compassionate, safe environment for your transformation. All sessions are completely confidential. We can have a one-2-one session in-person or we can conduct a session via Skype. Theta Healing® also works just as effectively over long distances as it does in-person. 


I look forward to working with you, and being part of your healing journey. 

*Important, please read the disclaimer. ThetaHealing is not to replace professional medical diagnosis or treatment and I encourage you to see your doctor over any physical ailments.


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