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Phototherapy is a combination of photography and psychotherapy tools in the process of discovering the deepest True Self.

The camera sees and catches everything about you.
When reviewing our photos, we often find ourselves unhappy with them if we see ourselves looking tired or older. But the same camera is able to show us the beauty that we have not seen before.

Photography is a great way to explore our own Shadow sides.

  • Why are we afraid to admit to being tired?

  • Why are we afraid of our age?

  • What fears are raised along with thoughts of gained weight?

  • What parts of ourselves have we rejected without even noticing it?

  • How fully can we live if we are in contact only with a limited part of ourselves?

Phototherapy can help integrate different parts of the personality, access to which for various reasons is impaired. Sometimes a young mother, absorbed in taking care of her children, needs to be reminded of her sexual component - a photo session allows her to regain lost contact with this part of the personality and also have beautiful photographs that will serve as a reminder.

How does phototherapy work?


During our first session we discuss your situation, your current request and how the photography will help you. Based on this, we define the purpose of the photo shoot and the image we want to create. During the photo shoot, I help you relax and connect with the role and image we explore.

My goal is to help you integrate the most different parts of your True Self, to capture on a photograph something that is not yet part of normal life, but through photographing gets a chance for realization.

As part of the body image phototherapy, I do a photo project Essential Beauty about finding authentic beauty and self-love. Read about it on the project page and my Blog.


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