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Becoming a

Holistic Fertility Program For Women 35+

Through The Power Of Holistic Approach

Get ready to welcome your baby

Happy Baby

Imagine what it would feel like to hold your baby in your arms, seeing their beautiful smile, knowing that your baby is happy and healthy.

Guess what, 




You can become a mother naturally, without expensive reproductive technologies like IVF and IUI, if you are supported by the right guidance. 

you can
become a mother!

Do you find yourself feeling...

Frustrated and angry,

when after everything you've tried, you realize you're not pregnant. Again.

 Powerless because no matter how hard you're trying to get pregnant, it's still not working.


with all of the conflicting info about infertility and how to boost it.

Betrayed by your body that don't give you pregnancy regardless al your efforts.

Lonely and isolated

in this fertility battle not being able to share it with others.

Inadequate or failure, because of extreme societal pressure and personal expectations.

Jealous and envy, seeing friends or family members with children or pregnancy announcements.

Sad and grieving, mourning the loss of something that you've never had.

If you resonate with any of the emotions above,
I’m here for you. You are not alone.

According to CDC, in the United States, about 1 in 5 (20%) women are unable to get pregnant after one year of trying (infertility). 

Throughout my work as a medical intuitive healer I have seen many women struggling with mystery infertility in their 30-s and 40-s. 

Infertility can be caused by a variety of reasons. 
One of them is a low grade viral and/or bacterial infection causing:

  • PCOS.

  • Endometriosis.

  • Fibroids.

  • Inconsistent menstrual periods.

  • Fallopian tube obstruction.

  • Preeclampsia, 

  • Hidden undetectable inflammation of the uterus.

Other factors include:

  • Toxic heavy metals (mercury, copper, lead, aluminum, cadmium).

  • DDT and other pesticides

  • Radiation.

  • Low Reproductive battery.

Image by John Looy

This Is Not Your Fault

Image by Apostolos Vamvouras

Women are often told, that their hormone levels (FSH and AMH) or low ovarian reserves don't let them get pregnant naturally. (Not true!) Most women are being sent for IVF without proper analysis of their infertility causes.

Nowadays, thanks to new in-vitro technologies, many infertile families can get pregnant and become happy parents. And thanks God, it exists! 

But there are things to consider:

1. According to recent studies, medications used during IVF and IUI can increase risk of breast cancer.

2. With the current levels of toxins in a woman's body, we don't want to force pregnancy through IVF, because there is a reason why the body is not ready. 

Pushing body into pregnancy without figuring out the reasons behind infertility can increase chances for experiencing loss and trauma like:

  • failed IVF,

  • miscarriage,

  • stillbirth,

  • preeclampsia.

In other words, if there are factors (like viral or bacterial infection, toxic heavy metals, pesticides and other toxins) that stay in the way of natural pregnancy, we don't want to put a baby into this toxic environment.

If the mother doesn’t go through a serious detox program before pregnancy, the baby is doomed to spend 9 months in the toxic soup of chemicals causing health abnormalities.

 Your body is not betraying you!
It's time  to trust your body and help it to heal.



Let me officially introduce myself.
Hi there, I’m Polina LeRoy!

I’m a Medical Intuitive Holistic Wellness Coach for women who want to learn how to prioritize their needs, feel good in their bodies and live their best vibrant lives.

I’m here to tell you:

You can become a mother.

If your body hasn't created pregnancy so far, it is absolutely normal given the totally abnormal environment we live in. Our bodies do the best they can to protect us, but they are struggling due to high levels of pathogens and toxins.

Being infertile is not your fault.

You are doing the best you can to stay healthy, but you don't have the right information.

With my guidance, we can give your body the best care it deserves, and you will become a mother in no time.

You body didn't betray you.

You struggle to conceive because of all the toxins you're being exposed to on a regular basis. They're messing with your hormones, ovaries and make your liver overburdened and sluggish.

Unlock Your  Healthiest  Happiest  Self

Through The Power Of Holistic Approach


What physical aspects of your body can negatively influence your pregnancy and well-being of your future child?


What deep rooted subconscious beliefs and thought patterns can hold you back from becoming a mother?


What deeply suppressed feelings about being a mother and your body can affect your motherhood journey?


Do you feel spiritually connected to your child already? Would you like to know how to invite them into your life?

What's inside the program

  1. Initial Assessment: Intuitive body scan  to understand your health history, lifestyle, and symptoms you're dealing with right now.. That will help us to tailor the program to your individual needs.

  2. Mystery infertility. Benefits of detoxification, how toxins affect reproductive organs, and the connection between diet, lifestyle, and overall wellness.

  3. Meal Plans and Recipes: Sample meal plans and recipes that align with the detox principles. The 12-day detox meal plan includes a variety of delicious and nutrient-dense options to support safe sustainable healing process .

  4. Antiviral protocol: foods to avoid in order to bring down inflammation caused by low-grade viral infection.

  5. Balancing Hormones: addressing the root cause of hormonal imbalance. The thyroid and the adrenal glands support.

  6. Detoxifying Foods: Focus on whole, unprocessed foods known for their detoxifying properties, such as leafy greens, fruits, berries, cruciferous vegetables, herbs. Organic vs Conventional produce. 

  7. How to slow down detox. Learn about foods that slow down your detox and stop it completely. Preferred ways of cooking during detox.

  8. Hydration: Learn about the importance of adequate hydration for detoxification. What water is actually hydrating and what amount of water is sufficient to get through the day. Incorporate herbal teas and lemon water to add flavor and additional detoxifying benefits. Coffee and detox.

  9. Elimination of Household Toxins: Reduce your exposure to toxins by avoiding processed foods, artificial and natural flavors, preservatives, and refined sugars. Scented candles and air-fresheners. Toxins in personal care products, cleaning agents, and household items.

  10. Signs of Detoxification: what symptoms are normal to experience throughout detox and what not.

  11. Physical Activity During The Detox: Recommendations for regular physical activity that suit your fitness level and preferences. Learn how to exercise to support overall health and fertility goals.

  12. Stress Management: stress reduction techniques such as mindfulness, meditation, deep breathing exercises, and good sleep. Chronic stress can hinder all the efforts, so it's essential to address this aspect.

  13. Subconscious Belief Work: what deep subconscious beliefs and suppressed feelings hold you back from becoming a mother you are meant to be.

  14. Energy Clearing Sessions: let go of heavy energy and negative feelings stuck in the body.

  15. Spiritual Guidance: feel the support of your ancestors, connect to a spirit of your future child and invite them into your space.

  16. Support and Accountability: Receive ongoing support and regular check-ins to track progress, and get your questions answered. 

Ready to take responsibility and prepare your body for motherhood?

  • Payment Plan

    Every month
    Valid for 3 months
    • Fortnightly 1:1 Coaching Calls
    • Full Body Scan
    • Personalized Healing Protocol
    • Personalized Detox Meal Plan
    • Chat Support
  • Pay In Full

    Valid for 3 months
    • Fortnightly 1:1 Coaching Call
    • Full Body Scan
    • Personalized Healing Protocol
    • Personalized Detox Meal Plan
    • Chat Support
    • Energy Healing Session
    • Special Gift

Do You Have Questions or Need Some Help?


I am more than happy to answer any questions you might have, gain clarity and help you make the best choice for you.

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