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ThetaHealing® Soulmate Course

A 2-day course

This course goes more in-depth on cleansing the beliefs and fears surrounding finding your Soulmate.

In the Soulmate Course, we explore how to enable the Universe to help you find the most compatible romantic partner, your Soulmate. I know myself how amazingly powerful this course is, because it helped me to find my Soulmate.

You will shine a cleansing light on a multitude of beliefs and fears about meeting your Soulmate. This course will help you see what it is that you are really looking for in a partner, and how to attract the kind of energy you need even if you’re not looking for it.


Remember that love is everywhere! But you have to be open and aware of what is happening around you so that you don’t miss your partner (which almost happened to me!).


You can also discover what you are overlooking in already existing relationships. In this seminar, you can attract a Soulmate while also rekindling the spark in existing relationships.


First of all, this seminar will help you regain inner confidence, self-love, and healthy self-esteem. This is what you need to find and attract the  most compatible partner — someone who corresponds to your qualities and values. Thanks to clear, straightforward work on yourself and the manifestation of what you want, you will meet your Soulmate. Knowing exactly what you want, you can very quickly pull him or her into your life by simply watching how the Universe does its work.


In this seminar, we also devote  special attention to seeking out and finding inner harmony and happiness. We all start out thinking that if only we could find the perfect partner we’d be happy. But unless we feel comfortable with the here and now, unless we truly love ourselves, we will not find what we are really looking for, nor will we fill the void created by loneliness and the absence of love in our lives. It is when we are happy and self-sufficient that we attract the same energy.


During this course you will learn:

  • How to locate and find the most compatible Soulmate.

  • How to tell who is a Soulmate and who is not.

  • You will learn that you have more than one Soulmate, and how you can bring one of them into your life in the best way possible.

  • Find out the difference between Soulmates and your spiritual family.

  • Learn how to value yourself so that others can appreciate you.

  • Find out what limiting beliefs prevent you from meeting with your Soulmate, and then discover how to free yourself from them.

  • Practice the Manifestation Exercise to attract your most compatible Soulmate.



Pre-requisites: 1-st day is open for everyone, 2-d day - ThetaHealing Basic DNA, ThetaHealing Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper.


Dates and locations: Check out the Course Calendar for the Thetahealing® Soulmate Course dates and locations.

Tuition: Select the option that suits you best:

  • A one-time payment of $480. Save $70 with this option, and an additional $50 if you register 4 weeks prior to start date of the Seminar, making your total only $430.

  • 2 Monthly Payments of $275, making your total $550.  


A registration deposit of $100 is due 2 weeks prior to the Seminar date.

Re-certification: if you are a Soulmate Seminar Alumnus, you can retake this class for $240.

Enroll now:

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