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Group Coaching Programs

Hi!  Thank you for being here! I'm so glad you found me. I'm devoted to empowering women to fall in love with with their bodies and lives. Here are my group coaching programs for women that you can join.


Fall In Love With 

3-month group coaching program for women

Imagine if you could?

  • Live your life with your body as a partner, not an enemy.

  • Know that your body loves you and supports you.

  • Leave the body appearance struggle behind because you’re able to see the truth through the societal noise.

  • Let go of the pressure to have a perfectly looking body and choose instead to work towards the healthiest version of you.

Detox To Thrive

Holistic Weight Loss Transformation

For Women 35+.

If you're struggling with mystery weight gain, regardless of eating healthy and exercising, this program is for you.

Discover what is behind weight gain, and how to get back to the healthiest and confident version of you.

Portrait of a female sports coach and dietitian standing in the kitchen with a tape measur
Woman applying body cream on her baby indoors.jpg

Eczema Healing

Holistic Approach To Children's Eczema
For Parents Looking for True Healing

If your child is struggling with eczema, don’t waste your time on the search of topical solutions.

No matter how great anti-eczema creams are, they won’t work. Because they don’t address the root cause of eczema, which is the liver struggling with extremely high levels of toxic heavy metals and the virus. 

Address the root cause with guided gentle liver detox, and watch your child getting better!

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