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Selina S.

I just finished the Intuitive Anatomy course in Bali and I can not recommend enough to do this course.
The course itself is life-changing as it provides the time and space to go deep into our own bodies and subconscious minds. It is designed to deep dive into all the systems of our bodies and the ways in which life events can affect certain areas of the body sometimes even being store for years and decades if they are not released. I was able to heal old, deep trauma that I did not realize was there, limiting my day-to-day activities. The changes I’m already seeing in my life are instantaneous and I couldn’t be more excited to move forward with a new sense of freedom.

Not only was the course itself incredible, Polina as a teacher was one of the best teachers in my life. She is a perfectly balanced teacher and I can’t imagine a better person to lead this course. She has deep knowledge of the body, the interaction and interlinkages, and how our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs affect the working of and disease within the body. Her knowledge draws on years of practice with clients and study of medical literature and it shows. Her approach balances this knowledge with deep loving care and support for her students. She holds space in a way that is both soft and supportive as we went through the transformational process. I always felt safe to express myself and supported by capable hands that I could always turn to with a question or emotional moment. Polina is loving and judgement-free.

I would 100% recommend Intuitive Anatomy to anyone and especially to take it with Polina. It has been the most transformational healing process of my life. I feel like a new person who has a deeper understanding of myself and I’ve left behind old limiting patterns to move forward.


Juliana H.

I joined Polina’s ThetaHealing Intuitive Anatomy Seminar in Bali.

She has a very, very lovely, beautiful, balanced and peaceful energy. 💕🌸 🌺
She is an absolute competent teacher and you feel her passion and love for what she is doing and teaching.

For our class she created a warm, welcoming atmosphere where everyone felt appreciated and safe to open up.

For sure, I will never forget this wonderful experience and the changes in my life.✨

Besides the intensive learning and „Digging“ we also had much fun with day trips to Ubud and the beach, professional photo shootings and massages.

Thank you Polina for being such a wonderful inspiration, mentor and friend. 


Elena A.

After learning ThetaHealing® technique, I am finally convinced: there is magic, and only we, by our convictions, by our disbelief prevent it from manifesting in our lives.

In the early days of course I felt that my rational part was protesting against all this "fiction". So Polina was right when said that it was better to take both Basic and Advanced courses in a row. Just in time for the end of the Basic Course, the resistance finally began to pass, and the whole Advanced Course went so very smoothly.

As a practicing coach and a therapist myself, I was very impressed by the safety of the method, the fact that not a single step is taken without the consent of the client. And the fact that ThetaHealing allows you to instantly change beliefs, which in classical therapy change through several (or even many) consultations, was very encouraging.

A lot of memories surfaced during the training, about which I read, heard what I once believed, but forgot, and all the training was very consistent with this kind of internal knowledge.

Polina’s position helped a lot, which enabled everyone to move at their own pace, while supporting everyone and telling about her experience with a healthy share of irony.

I already managed to heal my mother's injured knee. 

Not everything turns out as I want, but it’s only two weeks passed. It is clear that taking the ThetaHealing courses is only the beginning of the big healing path.

Thanks to Polina for her sensitivity and care in working with the group, for the respect she had to every opinion and for the warmth she gave us on these snowy November days.


Albina Y.

If you are still thinking to meet or not to meet Polina - don’t hesitate.


She is a very powerful healer, coach and a teacher. She is able to create a safe and heartwarming space to explore end remember our talents.


I had three courses of ThetaHealing this year and I’m happy that the universe leads me to Polina for this purpose. I believe the most important treasure in our life is the people we are surrounded by.


Even to meet Polina for the short time showed me how we can be balanced, being strong, peaceful and compassionate at the same time.


Arina G.

Thank you Polina for the knowledge of ThetaHealing.


This is what I always knew, but I forgot about it.


This gave me confidence that everything is possible in this life, everything is in our hands and the hands of God.


Love you!


Angelina G.

I am grateful to God that I discovered the ThetaHealing technique (I took Basic and Advanced courses), got acquainted with the possibilities and the force that can affect and change my life for the better. And the most amazing thing is that everyone can influence events in their life, change their own thoughts and feelings (mostly negative), thereby making themselves and their loved ones happy and healthy!


About my results of working with Polina:

  • I have cured chronic diseases that have tormented me for more than 5 years.
  • I am joyful every day despite any circumstances.

  • Now I clearly see which direction I want to develop in.


I also want to note that I was very lucky to learn from such a mentor as Polina, thanks to her I was able to believe in the ThetaHealing technique.


Elena A.

My joints bothered me from time to time for about 5 years, and the last year was just a nightmare. The two knee joints and the hip ached without ceasing.


Doctors prescribed many pills, gels, ointments, but it didn’t get any better. They were really surprised at my desires to heal, saying that at the age of 62 I already have to come to terms.

But I didn’t want to give up!


After the session, when I got out of the chair, there was no pain at all. I was afraid to breathe! I felt joyful and shocked at the same time! Every 15 minutes I listened: it didn’t hurt!


I thank Polina and the Creator for every moment of my new life! 


In December 2019 I completed the ThetaHealing Basic course. The atmosphere of the course was wonderful and very friendly. 


Polina helped me to find and release the pain that prevented me from living a normal life for a long time. Polina is a pleasant, bright, and trustworthy person, and this is very important especially when it is necessary to work with emotional trauma. 


Polina is very empathic, each session with her is very comforting and pleasant, and the results afterwards are very pleasing! Also, her nice voice gives a feeling of care and warmth during the session. Thank you for the valuable experience, for your work and help.

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