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Your Amazing Body

3-Day Live Masterclass: Overcome your body image struggle and become a confident woman you are meant to be

It’s time to make peace with your body and start enjoying it. It’s time to love your body as it is and help it to heal.

Become an ally to your body.
Feel confident in your body and your life.

Smiling woman with an Afro hairstyle embracing her body while standing in a studio in unde

LIVE: February 27th - March 1st from 9am - 10am PST

We start at 9am on February 27, but don't worry if you can't attend live, the recordings will be available!

This Masterclass is for you if...

You feel frustrated about your body, when you try your jeans and they never seem to fit.

You feel alone and isolated in this body image struggle and can't share it with others.

You are critical of yourself, you look in the mirror only to find  more flaws.

You compare your body to other women while scrolling through on social media or watching movies.

Over the course of this 3-day masterclass I'm going to guide you through the process of reconnection to your body, so you can meet it again.

Day 1 Set yourself free from shame and guilt about your body
The shame you carry inside you keeps you small and silent. When we all silenced by shame it is so easy to feel unworthy and to be manipulated. I will show you way out of this trap.

Day 2 Reconnect with your body 
Throughout my work as a medical intuitive with hundreds of clients I saw how most bodies feel neglected and abandoned because we don’t live in them. I will guide you gently through the process of meeting your body in a new way.
Day 3 The Secret behind mystery weight gain 
We'll talk about the reasons behind unwanted weight gain (even when we eat healthy and exercise regularly), I will share with you simple 5 step plan to create healthy and beautiful body.

Let me officially introduce myself.
Hi there, I’m Polina,

I’m a Self-Love & Holistic Wellness Coach for women who want to learn how to prioritize their needs, feel good in their bodies and live their best vibrant lives.




I’m here to tell you:

You are worthy of love and acceptance regardless of the body and the past.

You are perfectly imperfect as you are, and you can and are allowed to enjoy your life with the body you have right now.

Beauty industry will always tell you that there’s something wrong with you, because they need to sell you something. The modern standards of beauty are unachievable by design.


Instead of trying hard to live up to societal expectations, invest in your health. Your body will always tell you what it needs, you just need to learn how to listen to it.

It’s time to make peace

with your body.

It’s time to love your body as it is and help it to get better.



(But not for long. Register before it's too late!)



February 27 - March 1 from 9am -10am PST

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