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Lifespan Integration is a new therapeutic method that allows you to remove the influence of traumatic events that occurred at any stage of life (including infancy).

Lifespan Integration is a gentle, body-based therapeutic method that alters trauma-programmed reactions and old defensive strategies at a deep neural level so that new behavior becomes a natural habit and manifests itself spontaneously, without conscious effort.

Talking about early trauma does not always help people overcome its consequences

It is well known among therapists that people who have suffered abuse or neglect in childhood often go to therapy for years seeking emotional relief for their traumas and talking about them, without ever leaving them behind. This is because people who were traumatized while their nervous system was in development were programmed to interpret events in a negative way. Adults who were abused or neglected in early childhood often have a negative self-image, constant negative self-talk, and chronic anxiety and/or depression. These problems often remain, regardless of how successful these people are in adulthood and how many courses on “cognitive conversational” therapy they take. Focusing on a trauma often contributes to a deeper immersion in that trauma.

Adults who have suffered trauma in childhood sometimes react very emotionally to neutral events, which may results in the activation of the childhood trauma. When people are emotionally activated, they respond with old programmed models that are inappropriate in the current situation, and which are sometimes disastrous. The existence of these monotonous, self-destructive models makes those who are burdened by them feel worse, and more hopeless.

Lifespan Integration helps people heal negative feelings and dysfunctional behaviors through memories of past events. Creating new connections at the deep level of the body-mind reconfigures the neural system so that it fits where the adult is right now, and taps new resources. Most people accomplish this change-over very quickly. After Lifespan Integration, people discover that they spontaneously react to current stressful situations in ways that are more appropriate for their age and place in life. After several LI sessions, clients report that they feel more positive about life, they are more accepting of themselves and are better equipped to enjoy intimate relationships.

Lifespan Integration might be for you if:

  • You were separated from your parents at an early age: sent to a nursery or kindergarten, sent to your grandmother/grandfather, spent time in the hospital (you or your parents);

  • Your parents physically, verbally or emotionally abused you;

  • Your parents were not emotionally connected with you.

  • In childhood you did not feel loved, accepted, heard;

  • You experienced the loss of a loved one in childhood.

Lifespan Integration can help you if:

  • You often fall into negative thought patterns and feel dissatisfied with yourself and your life,

  • You find it difficult to build long-term intimate relationships,

  • It's hard for you to say “No” and set boundaries in relationships,

  • You suffer from self-doubt and low self-esteem,

  • You lack emotional stability, and it is difficult to control emotions that overwhelm you,

  • It's hard for you to love and accept yourself,

  • You experience anxiety and panic attacks.

We cannot change past events, but we can change our attitude towards them, heal our wounds and take a fresh look at our life.

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