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The main reason of all your problems

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

As I think about sessions with clients, I am amazed at how many problems in our life arise from distorted perceptions about God (the Source, the Creator) and our relationship with this energy.

After all, if you look closely at what we most often care about, it’s a lack of money and loneliness. Both of them come from a temporary, but usually acutely experienced alienation from all that exists when the connection with the Source is clouded.

For example, when it seems to us that we are fighting with the whole world for our earned money, and the world is against you at this moment. No really, the whole world is against you! Where is all that universal love at this moment? Where is that God who promised to take care of me? Where is he looking?

And yet he is right here: inside you and in everything outside. And he never left you, he didn't betray you and did not try to test your strength. In this right moment, the Creator gives his love and care. But for us, it is so difficult to see and feel his presence through this illusion of alienation.

And even knowing that being separated from the energy of Creation is impossible, we feel this way and we're fully trapped in this illusion.

That's why all these rational concepts about abundant Universe do not work if they are understood by a mind and not by every cell of our body. Here it is, this funny illusion of the Third Plane of existence.

But if we remember that “only heart is able to see”, and if it returns to the connection with the Source, if we feel with all our heart how much has been given to us, then abundance in our life manifests instantly.

Would you like to cancel the program "I am separate from God" and replace it with "I'm always connected to God"?

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