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How is the Universe talking to you?

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

The Universe is constantly talking to us. 

But do we listen?

I used to think that the gift of intuition is something so rare and it manifests itself in childhood. It is simply given to you or not. And I was very wrong on that because intuition can be developed by any person at any age. These are abilities that are sleeping within everyone. i mean it, everyone. However, since we don't know about the existence of these abilities, we do not use them. And without proper training, it remains atrophied.

My life with the development of intuition has changed beyond recognition, so my awe requires sharing these miracles with others. Today's step 1 is about how to understand your intuition channels.

Each person has their own priority channels for receiving intuitive information. It may be:

  • Clairvoyance - maybe you see the aura and energy of other people and objects. Perhaps there are meaningful images in your mind that need to be interpreted. Or perhaps you see entities from another world, spirits, angels.

  • Hearing - you may hear a voice that tells you the right direction, whispering you the right decision, or stops you at the right moment.

  • Clairgnosis - you just get knowledge directly, not knowing exactly where it came from. 

  • Clairsentience - an inexplicable presentiment, an intuitive feeling about the future, something good or bad that can happen to you or your loved ones. This may be a causeless feeling of sadness or anxiety as anticipation of tragic events, or, on the contrary, a feeling of fullness and pleasant excitement in case of pleasant events.

  • Dreams - some of us may see prophetic dreams that anticipate the events that might happen to us, or puzzles, solving which we can get an answer to the question that concerns us.

  • Body - we may use body sensations to get intuitive information. You may feel goosebumps, tingling, unpleasant symptoms (nausea, rapid heartbeat, tension in the body, an energy drop) in cases when your intuition tries to tell you something.

Usually, the leading channel is 1or 2, and the rest is supporting. All these intuitive channels are amenable to development, but it is better to start using the one that is more developed. Gradually, with practice, the remaining channels will follow.

Do you recognize your intuition signals?

Which channels are your favorite?

Please, share in the comments if you find yourself in one or more examples. And if you don't think you have any of those abilities, come join us for the next ThetaHealing® Basic Course to discover them.

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