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The most common blocks of manifesting abundance

Why do some people, no matter how hard they are working, are always poor?

Why do some people seem to be always struggling with money regardless of their prayers?

Did the Creator abandon them?

The truth is that the Creator gave us the most precious gift - Free Will, so we could create our own life. But not all of us create life consciously. Subconscious limiting beliefs and lack of awareness of everyday actions and thoughts create blocks for manifesting abundant life.

What are the most common of these blocks? Let’s take a look at them.

1. Deep feeling of unworthiness and low self-esteem.

Do you value your achievements, efforts and time? Do you know about your strengths and talents? Do you know how to say “No”?

You will not be paid $10000 if you yourself think that you are worth $100.

  • I’m not worthy of success.

  • I’m not worthy of $...

  • I’m always behind.

  • I’m worse than others.

  • I’m worse than everybody else.

2. Genetic limiting beliefs passed down to us from our ancestors.

Were your ancestors dispossessed or plundered during the war? Unfortunately, many of our ancestors had to experience horrors of wars and revolutions. Hence the subconscious connection between money and trauma of loss is associated with money. No sane person would believe they are afraid of money. But that is not you, but your subconscious mind is afraid. For the subconscious mind responsible for your survival the connection between money and violence is direct and obvious, and it will do everything to protect you.

3. Vows, oaths and promises.

Not many people are aware of these aspects, but this does not make them less powerful. Vows can be done in this life (like an innocent child’s prayer "Lord, may my mother feel better, and I will be good and will never, never ask for anything else"), or can be given in a past life: "I will never do this again, I will never take money ..."

Some vows and oaths can be quite conscious and affect us throughout lifetimes:

  • I take a vow of a modest life,

  • I renounce everything worldly for the sake of serving God, etc.

For instance, in one of my ThetaHealing sessions I realized that I gave up money for the sake of pure art in one of my past lives.

4. Scarcity Mindset.

The scarcity mindset means constant focus on the lack and devaluation of the existing abundance. Indicators of this mindset would be regular complaining, chasing discounts and expressions like:

  • I never have enough.

  • This is too expensive.

  • I can’t afford it.

If you do these kinds of things unconsciously, it might be time to reconsider them, because every thought or word of lack is manifesting more lack.

There are many more programs and feelings that limit our abundance:

- Wealth makes people lonely.

- I am poor and proud of it.

- I am destined to be poor.

- Wealth brings me problems, etc.

And all these programs can be changed on the ThetaHealing Manifesting & Abundance course that I will be teaching online on November 28th - 29th and December 19th - 20th.

If you feel like it's time for you to let go of old patterns and beliefs, please, come join us to open your heart for more abundance!

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