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Wealthy Healer: beliefs about money and spirituality

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Since I’ve been working with a lot of healers, I noticed specific groups of beliefs around money that held particularly by healers.

1. Collective consciousness beliefs: spirituality and money. For a long time, ideas about what it means to be rich and poor have been formed in the collective consciousness. Rich people are exaggeratedly depicted as greedy, gluttonous sinners. While poor people are more likely to go to heaven for their suffering. The Christian Church supported these ideas in many ways: Jesus is often portrayed being barefoot (he does not need wealth), surrounded by the poor who listen to him.

The rich and the poor Lazarus. Parish of St. Rosary. (Il ricco e il povero Lazzaro" Parrocchia di S. Rosario)
The rich and the poor Lazarus. Parish of St. Rosary. (Il ricco e il povero Lazzaro" Parrocchia di S. Rosario)

Non-attachment to material objects is also considered a sign of high spiritual development. Thus, two poles were formed in the collective consciousness: follow God and be a spiritual poor or follow Evil and be a rich sinner. You may check if you have some of these programs (remember to check programs on all four levels: core level, genetic level, history level and soul level):

  • Money is evil.

  • Spiritual people can’t be rich.

  • Rich people can’t be spiritual.

  • Money will stop my spiritual growth.

  • It’s harder for a rich man to get to heaven.

  • God loves poor people.

2. Life mission, vows and obligations. Many of us have come to this world with the goal of awakening others and it is wonderful that we recall this. But any unconscious obligation, especially sacrificial one, is a limiting belief that contradicts the truth of the Creator, therefore it is important to cancel them and send them into the Creator's light.

  • I have to save the world.

  • I have to make everybody happy.

  • I have to go through hard times to be wealthy.

  • I have to battle evil.

  • I must sacrifice my life for your life.

  • I have to suffer to spiritually grow.

  • I have to suffer to be with God.

  • I have to be alone to be a healer.

  • I have to be poor to be a healer.

  • I have to suffer to get closer to God.

3. Core level beliefs: I have to make everybody happy/ Can’t say No. Healers (therapists, coaches, body workers) are usually people with the attunement trauma. These are deeply empathetic people with a focus on the needs and comfort of others. This gift makes them good healers, but doesn’t help them to be aware of their own needs and setting healthy boundaries with others. If it’s hard for you to say “No” when clients ask you for a discount or urgent healing, this area may require your attention and healing. Check if you have the following programs:

  • I have to please everybody.

  • I can refuse to heal people. (Yes)

  • I have to heal all who come to me.

  • I have to help people around me.

  • Money and healing gift are incompatible.

4. Genetic & History Levels Beliefs: I have to be poor in order to heal others. The gift of healing is usually associated with living in poverty and devout service to God and people. Developing the ideas of paragraph 1, money and wealth are associated with the betrayal of God. And if we betray God, he takes away our healing gift. Therefore, in the minds of many people healing and wealth are incompatible. I know some people who consider healers taking money for their services to be scammers. For some reason those people believe that healers should not be interested in money. Just in case, check these beliefs:

  • I have to be poor in order to heal others.

  • If I am rich I will worship money.

  • If I am rich I will forget God.

  • It is impossible to do healing work if i have money.

The truth is God loves everyone. We all, rich and poor, going through learning experience on this planet and we are all connected to God, energy of love and creation. The more we clear self-limiting beliefs and develop abundance mindset, the more we are aware of our abilities to create the life we dream.

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