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Intuitive Anatomy 

Journey that takes you through the body, allowing you to intuitively understand the organs and systems. We will explore the beliefs held in each system and their relationships with diseases. 

San Diego, CA
Oct. 28th -  Nov. 13th 2020
Miami, FL
August 2nd - 21st 2021
Bali, Indonesia
November 1st - 19th 2021


Best solution for healing early childhood trauma when  cognitive behavioral  

therapy doesn't work.


A spiritual self development and energy healing modality for everyone.



Let's work together to clarify your most important life goals and achieve them through practical steps.



Explore your Shadow and get professional help in self appearance struggle.

Discover one of the most effective and life-changing forms of energy healing and personal development.

Whether you are a therapist (coach, healer), who wants to add ThetaHealing® to your existing practice, or you are learning it for your own personal self development, ThetaHealing® will transform your life.




Discover your intuitive abilities and start creating the life of your dreams by clearing away self limiting beliefs.



ThetaHealing Advanced



Feel connection with everything around you. Discover more advanced techniques for your healing.



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Master your digging skill. Learn the 8 ways to dig for the bottom of root belief with grace and ease. 



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Hi! I'm Polina LeRoy,

a Boulder-based life coach, and a

ThetaHealing® Master,

dedicated to helping you create

the life you want.

Intuitive Anatomy Reviews

Juliana Haupt

I joined Polina’s ThetaHealing Intuitive Anatomy Seminar in Bali. She has a very, very lovely, beautiful, balanced and peaceful energy. 
She is an absolute competent teacher and you feel her passion and love for what she is doing and teaching.
For our class she created a warm, welcoming atmosphere where everyone felt appreciated and safe to open up. 

Intuitive Anatomy Review

Selina Smith

Not only was the course itself incredible, Polina as a teacher was one of the best teachers in my life. She is a perfectly balanced teacher and I can’t imagine a better person to lead this course.

She has deep knowledge of the body, the interaction and interlinkages, and how our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs affect the working of and disease within the body. 

Intuitive Anatomy Review

Elena Aleshina

As a practicing coach and a therapist, I was very impressed by the safety of the ThetaHealing technique, the fact that not a single step is taken without the consent of the client. And the fact that ThetaHealing allows you to instantly change beliefs, which in classical therapy change through several (or even many) consultations, was very encouraging.

ThetaHealing Review

Angelina Gordeeva

I am grateful to God that I discovered the ThetaHealing technique! 

About my results:

  • I have cured chronic diseases that have tormented me for more than 5 years.
  • I am joyful every day despite any circumstances.

  • Now I clearly see which direction I want to develop in.


ThetaHealing Reviews

Albina Yarullina

If you are still thinking to meet or not to meet Polina - don’t hesitate.

She is a very powerful healer, coach and especially a teacher. She is able to create a safe and heartwarming space to explore end remember our talents.


ThetaHealing Review

Elena Akenteva

The joints bothered me from time to time for about 5 years, and the last year was just a nightmare.

After the session, when I got out of the chair, there was no pain at all. I was afraid to breathe! I felt joyful and shocked at the same time! Every 15 minutes I listened: it didn’t hurt!