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Intuitive conversation with the coronavirus COVID-19

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

In my yesterday's meditation I asked the Creator to connect me with the consciousness of the novel coronavirus COVID-19.

What I realized through this conversation is that the virus does not have the intention of killing us, but it is caught up and spread by the energy of fear. Everything in the world is a manifestation of love and only our perception makes it look or feel terrible.

In the ThetaHealing®, we believe that special thought forms and emotions make us vulnerable to viruses. And it is not just age, but also overall health and emotional state. Beliefs around unworthiness, lack of firm personal boundaries, as well as a victim (or loser) mentality will attract any virus. Together these factors form the energy that we radiate into this world: the energy of vulnerability or invulnerability.

I asked the Creator to show me what we are learning through this virus and here's the answers I received.

  1. The coronavirus is our mirror, reflecting our mentality. We have the power to create beauty, love and abundance, but yet we choose to manifest fear and scarcity instead.

  2. The novel coronavirus teaches us to reconnect: with ourselves, with our families, with friends, with the planet and the Creator at the completely different level.

  3. The virus shows us our selfishness and the fact that the world does not belong to us. We are not alone here. It is important for humanity to learn how to create life with respect for the lives and boundaries of other living beings. See how the planet breathed a sigh of relief after the factories around the world stopped working for a while.

  4. This is not just quarantine, it is an opportunity to slow down and revise your values ​​and goals. Where are we running? Do we really need to get there? This pandemic is a great opportunity for us to pause and focus on the main things. That was my experience of communicating with this energy of the coronavirus COVID-19. And what are your feelings from this virus and the entire pandemic?

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