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What is your inner image of the virus COVID-19?

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

I think relations are the part of our lives that makes us grow and develop as a soul. It is important to look at the healing process through the context of relations.

So, the main relationships that are important to pay attention to during the healing process are:

- relationships with the disease,

- relationships with life,

- relationships with the body,

- relationships with God

- relationships with oneself,

- relationships with a partner (and former partners),

- relationships with parents.

Relationships with the disease include - the totality of ideas about the disease and the feelings associated with it.

- What I know about the disease.

- What I consider the cause of the disease.

- If I consider it incurable (because someone told me about it).

- If I believe that the disease is stronger than me.

- Do I think that my illness is rare and little studied.

- Maybe I think the disease is fatal.

- I see disease as my enemy.

- I am a victim of the disease.

- The disease has swallowed me and now all of me is a disease.

Inside each patient there is an internal, often unconscious, image of the disease and the relationships resulting from this image.

So, inside each patient there is an internal, often unconscious, image of the disease and the relationships resulting from this image. Awareness and investigation of the image and relationships can influence the course of the disease.

Why do different people experience and cope with the same diseases in different ways? Because in addition to physiological factors the image of the disease and the relationship with it are different for everyone. From the point of view of ThetaHealing and psychosomatics, internal ideas about the disease directly affect how a person will experience and fight their illness. One person will defeat cancer, and the other one will pass away in a matter of weeks. One person will suffer very mild, barely noticeable symptoms of the corona virus, and for someone it will prove fatal.

One can explore relationships not only with an existing, but also with a threatening disease. Now, in the context of the COVID-19 virus pandemic, you can take a look at your ideas about this virus.

In order to investigate your relationships with the coronavirus, you can try the following.

1. Draw the virus as you see it in your imagination.

Is it personified with facial features or emotions? Is it a force of nature?

2. Write down all your ideas about the virus: everything you know about the virus.

For instance:

- Only elderly people get sick with the virus.

- People with asthma are vulnerable to the virus.

- The virus is dangerous and everyone who gets sick stops breathing and gets to the hospital.

- The virus is very contagious and aggressive, it cannot be avoided.