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The Upcoming ThetaHealing Dig Deeper Course

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Belief work is the main tool of ThetaHealing® and it often raises many questions, especially for beginning practitioners. 

  • Can all beliefs be replaced?

  • How to understand which belief is effective/correct and which one is not? For example, "I am the winner," "I am the best," "I am always right."

  • How to formulate a belief when doing the muscular test?

  • What if the muscular test doesn't work?

  • Are all the feelings you can upload?

  • And, of course, how to get to the key belief? And how to understand which belief is the one?

All these questions are swarming in the minds of practitioners, making it very difficult to work with clients. Usually, if you have questions during the practice, we know who to contact — the Creator.

But when we doubt our actions, are afraid to harm the client, our excitement usually prevents us from hearing the voice of the Creator through our intuition. And this stress and inconsistency in the work often lead to the fact that many abandon the practice in general.

For all practitioners facing these issues and similar difficulties, Vianna Stibl developed the “Dig Deeper” class. Personally, I think this class is extremely important because it clarifies everything vague and incomprehensible in the beliefs work and brings your skill to a new professional level.

After the course "Dig Deeper", your practice will become much more pleasant, because you will gain confidence in your actions. Take time to visit this class and you will see that the digging will no longer seem like something scary and unclear.

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